Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't You Worry, Don't You Worry Child

Well I lost two pounds! Yay! Praise the Lord! Finally! I was about to start thinking I was never going to lose weight again. LOL I know that is totally dramatic but after a lot of soul searching and figuring out what I need to do to get back on track.

I think I did a lot better because I made sure to check my portions and not guesstimate on what I think was correct portions. I kind of changed my eating habits such as a low-carb dinner and cereal for breakfast. Just little things you know. But with working super long hours this past week (and this week) I am glad I can still manage eating healthy.

I've also decided to change up my usual workout routine. I heard from many people that if you continue to do the same routine that it won't be effective. I mean I go to the gym and it's like a chicken with its head cut off. I am absolutely clueless. Haha. I get on the treadmill and elliptical one day and then some weight lifting the next day.

So I am going to run, zumba, pilates, and weight training. I loved Zumba class so I look forward to doing that at my apartment on Thursdays. (They offer a fun class in the clubhouse! How fun!)

Other than dieting and such, life is going pretty well for me. Two of my good friends, Amber and Lana came into town for the weekend and it was full of fun and shopping! I really enjoyed the shopping part! Then sunday I saw Willie & Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty! That was so so cool! I love that show so much because it really does remind me of my family in a way (we aren't really rednecks lol).

My mom called me today to let me know she will be passing through Nashville in two weeks and I am too excited. Anytime I can see my mom and stepdad is a good time to me. I love them so much. I just truly love my family. I am blessed with an amazing one. Everyone is so supportive of me and everything I am doing and it makes me so happy.

I just want to let anyone who is struggling with a diet. DO NOT give up! Once you start losing a lot it becomes harder to lose weight. I will say the middle of a diet is harder than the beginning. So if you can make it through this middle stretch like I am experiencing then you can do anything!

Willie & Korie! They said hello to me!

Haha Lana and I giving a peace to the camera!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Give Thanks!

Hello everyone!

Yes it has been 20 days since I last posted. I am truly sorry! Preparing for Thanksgiving and so many other things have been going on in my life. Since I vowed to be honest in this blog I will continue to do so....

I was truly down in the dumps for a little over a week. I mean this diet or any diet is a struggle from day one but this was the biggest struggle of mine to date. I just do not understand how can I plateau  at 50 pounds? I felt like I was on such a roll and then it stopped. I tried different things to eat and such and no change. I mean what gives? I just would cry stepping on the scale and not see anything. I was ready to quit and give up. I wanted to delete my blog and everything. I did not see how I could be a good example for people if I am not producing an outcome.

I took plenty of time to reflect on what I wanted and what was keeping me from reaching my goals. I realized my attitude/mood have not been the best. I felt stressed and sad a lot. I have been living in Nashville for about 6 months now and not having my core group of friends or a group of friends at all is super hard. My FB friends can vouch that I complain about my friend situation all the time. I mean I do not have anyone I can call up. I think I thought friends would come to me and I'm learning that is not the case at all. I've decided instead of moping around about it I need to take action. I've joined the alumnae chapter of my sorority and I am too excited to start getting involved. I know being surrounded by my sisters will be a wonderful thing. I can always count on my sorority sisters.

I also realized that getting use to being on a diet we get comfortable. I was not counting my portions like I should. I assumed. But as I've learned in life...never assume anything.

I could go on and on about things I have done wrong but that is not why we are here. We are here to be positive.

After thanksgiving, I was reminded of how truly wonderful my life is. I am so thankful for a wonderful family who loves me unconditionally every day. They are my biggest supporters. I discussed with my mom my struggles with my diet and she put a lot into perspective for me. I don't think I could love anyone more than my mommy. Seriously she's my best friend and I'm not ashamed of it. She helped me realize that this is only the beginning of my diet and I will continue to have success. I cannot be perfect all the time, which I try to be sometimes. She brought me back down to earth and saved me from insanity. I was about to delete all of this and then after talking with my mom I just need to get back up.

I feel like I post the same thing over and over again. I apologize. I am trying guys. Really trying.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Catch Up Time!

Hello everyone! Yes I realize I have not posted in a very long time! I apologize! My life has been really crazy lately. I will fill you in!

So my mom had surgery two weeks ago. Standard procedures really. Her 45 min surgery turned into 4 hours. She spent the night in the hospital and went home the next day. I actually went home that weekend to help her out but unfortunately she took a turn for the worse and started getting sick. My stepdad took her to the ER and I followed. She had infections from her surgery and she needed to have yet another surgery to repair everything. It was an awful few days. I cannot think of a worse feeling like sending my mom off to surgery and seeing her in ICU. Literally there are no words... makes me emotional just to think about it. Now my mommy is back at home and starting to feel better. Its very hard to see the strongest person I know sick and weak. But she is getting back to her princess status! Yes my mom is a princess!

But moving on to another subject. While I was back and forth from Memphis to Nashville and not sleeping much and being busy I did not have time to cook meals or anything. I did not eat too well last week... I am not happy with it. I ate fast food and let me tell you I literally do NOT like it anymore. I use to love eating fast food but now it is gross to me. I talked with my mom about how I wasn't doing well on my diet. She was telling me if this is something I want I can't let myself relapse into the old ways. I completely agree with her and I realized that I do not think I could ever eat like I use to. I mean I'd rather just starve then eat greasy fast food. Haha! I guess last week was kind of like a test. I know that I need to continue to move forward with my diet and work harder.

Speaking of diet has been a real struggle lately. I work out and eat right but wouldn't lose weight. It can get really frustrating, I felt as if my hardwork was not paying off. It's like I hit 55 pounds and well i'm done. But I won't let this plateau keep me from reaching my goals, which I definitely let it get to me and maybe that is why I wasn't doing well on my diet last week. I talked to a few people and they say sometimes when you start losing weight after awhile you have to start working a little bit harder than you started because your body is use to the same routine. Now I do not know if this is true...I am not a doctor or nutritionist! Haha!

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A little bit goes along way

I am down 54 pounds! I am just tickled to death! I cannot believe it! I am so glad that after a couple of setbacks the past few weeks I am here and losing! Sometimes I think how can I workout and eat healthy but not lose? Sometimes this happens but I just make sure to track and eat right! Look at these two is before and the other is now....I'm sure you can figure that one out on your own! LOL!

I thought I would throw another post out this week. I've been doing super well so far! I've worked out and stocked the fridge with goodies (all healthy of course!).

I get a periodical emails from weight watchers and contain some wonderful articles. I feel like there is someone sitting at their corporate office and knows what I am feeling because the articles say what I'm feeling. I read one called "Maintaining Your Fitness Momentum"

Let's be real....working out can be a pain. We do not enjoy it at the time but do feel better about ourselves afterwards. I know there are days after work I just want to come home but I have my gym clothes packed in my car and stop at the gym before heading into my apartment.

The first thing that was pointed out was one of the first setbacks a person can come across is lack of confidence. We try to do too much too fast. I can contest to that. I think I should be able to run a marathon but for someone with a very small background of exercise I know that being at an advance level right away is about as likely as me becoming a victoria secret model. Not going to happen.

You have to slow your way into working out. If you want to be a runner then start with the couch to 5k program. I am a huge supporter of this! It really helps! I also suggest the Nike Training Club app! It's awesome for so many different work outs at different levels! The article said that you have to change up your workout routine sometimes to stay on the ball. Changing your workout can be fun and beneficial!

So we can all do this together! Set some goals and get going! Don't start with a hardcore 7-day workout but maybe a couple of days a week just to get the ball rolling! Once you get the ball running anything is possible!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Make sure to stay on track I know the weekend is hard!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mother/Daughter Taco Cabbage Soup

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the nice fall weather coming in. I am now that my allergies are calming down and getting adjusted to the weather. The fall is my favorite time of the year. I really get in the mood for soups and let me tell you my mom has a stack full of delicious soup recipes. I mean the best are usually ones she throws together and I always forget sometimes to write down what she makes but there is one in particular I've always liked and it is probably the easiest to make.

My roommate and I were talking about making chili and I couldn't find a recipe online that I just had to make/looked good. So I remembered that my mom emailed me about two years ago her taco cabbage soup recipe and I have had it saved in my inbox. I thought what a perfect timing to bring it out!

I changed it up a bit but it turned out just as yummy as I remember. I could give my mom a run for her money. Hehe. (love you mom!)

So here it is I shall call this Mother/Daughter Taco Cabbage Soup! I feel like this is super appropriate and a great way to honor my mom. Look we share a recipe now!

Mother/Daughter Taco Cabbage Soup
Serving Size: 6
WW+ Points: 5 
Calories: 229, Fat: 4.9g, Carbs: 10.5g, Fiber: 3.3g, Protein: 36.5g

1lb Lean Ground Beef
1 Head of Cabbage-Chopped
1 Onion- Chopped
2 Packets of Low-Sodium Taco Seasoning
3 Cans of Fat Free, Low Sodium Beef Broth
1 Tbsp Garlic Powder
1 Can Rotel Tomatoes
1 Can Dark Kidney Beans 

1. Cook ground beef and make sure to drain well to get all the grease out!
2. Cut up Cabbage and chop onion
3. Mix everything together in a large pot on the stove and cook on Medium-High for 35-45 minutes

Browning the meat! Takes maybe 5 minutes.

Literally just put everything in a pot! Super easy to make!

Turns out like this and is super yummy!!!!

I recommend putting a little shredded cheese on top to give it a little something extra! But I mean this is easy that anyone can make this! If you are a busy person just prepare it all and let it cook on the stove while you have other things to do! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Let's Get Motivated!

Hello everyone! So after slumming around for a week...or two...I dropped 2.6 pounds! Yay! I was a little surprised but I guess after being sick I rested myself up to a healthy start!

So I said in my last post that there were no more excuses for my poor dieting. I think I was having a hard time transitioning from being at home when I wasn't working and could focus all my time on dieting to living in a new city and working full time. I think I have found a nice balance but every day is a learning experience.

I loaded my fridge with veggies and fruits! I am trying to be better about eating fruit. I love veggies and could eat them all the time but I have a harder time with fruit. I even got my first workout of the week under my belt! Yay! Hopefully I can stay on track and work out at least 4 times this week!

I had a conversation with my roommate over the week about the struggles of dieting and how can we keep ourselves motivated to keep on. Dieting is not easy. It is so much easier to give it all up at the drop of a fry. (ha get it? Not hat but fry) I thought about it during my lunch break today. How can I keep myself motivated and motivate others? I came up with a few ideas.....

Put post its in random places with little motivational sayings. I then thought I am going to post a picture of myself pre-diet and put it on my fridge....I can't think of anything more motivating than that. LOL! I thought about making a check list of things I need to accomplish each day like working out or tracking my food. The possibilities are truly endless!

I decided to go through pinterest (my number source for everything) and find some motivational sayings. I really liked the photo (see above) "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday" wow that's some powerful stuff and so true. I see this so helpful right now because I may not be running a marathon today but you know what getting out there and trying your best to exercise gets you closer to a marathon than someone sitting on the couch. 

This is so true! I really glad I found this one. I really am proud of myself when I stay on track with my diet and lose weight. If anyone has a bad day here and there with your diet or whatever it may be remember you always have tomorrow to change that! I know I keep saying losing weight, losing weight but it is so much more than that. I started this journey because I did not like the person I saw in the mirror or in pictures. I would avoid them at all cost. I was not happy in my own skin and I knew what I needed to do. So every day I start feeling better about a day I am proud of myself!

This quote goes out to anyone who reads my blog (friends, family or strangers) you ARE all these things! Everyone has the ability to do great things in this world. I know so. If you are ever doubting yourself for one second then print this picture off for future reference and put "From Kelly" on the paper. If I could tell each and every one of you every day that you are amazing I would! When I discuss with friends about different struggles in our lives I am reminded of the great things we are destined for. I mean I read this and thought I am all those things. 

Never sell yourself short. Aim high and dream big always!

Until next time,


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My First 5K!

Hello readers! Hope you are doing well! I have been a little busy since I seem to be going out of town every weekend.

I have some wonderful news! I ran/walked my first 5k! I was not completely prepared but there was no way I could pass up this 5k! It was called "Teal for a Cure" and raised money for the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation. Everyone knows that anything I can do to fight Ovarian Cancer I will. It is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Luckily I am able to say my mom survived but I know others are not as lucky. I cannot imagine a day without her.

My friends put together a little team in honor of my mom and named ourselves "The Princess Debs" (my mom thinks she's a princess so that is the meaning behind her name). It was great to have such supportive friends! We had so much fun even if it was 8am on a Saturday morning! My friend Sam even came in second place in his division. So proud!

Doing the 5k was a lot harder than I thought. I know now what to expect. I am definitely going to train harder now and work my way up! I know I can do it! I just have to get my butt to the gym!

The releasing of doves at the end of the race in memory of those who fought ovarian cancer. A very touching moment.

The Princess Debs Team (l-r Me, Sam, Amber and Kyle)

Sam getting his prize for winning 2nd place!

Loved seeing my wonderful mommy at the finish line.

Well I hate the fact I am getting sick right now.I always get sick when the weather changes. It could not come at a worse time. I have hit yet another slump. I cannot do this anymore. I am tired of it. I get so frustrated at myself for many reasons. I know people read my blog and I want to be someone who succeeds for you all. I get discourage when I don't and I apologize to those who have followed my journey for a while now. I know it is not easy to stay on track and how can I tell you all to if I am not doing the same? It makes me feel like a fraud. But so many of y'all are much stronger than me. 

Right here, right now. I pledge to blog more, exercise more, eat better. This blog is my way of kicking myself into the right lane when I start falling behind. I hope not to lose any readers! I am trying my hardest. 

After I get over this illness (hopefully after the weekend I will be a-okay!) I am devoting my time that is not spent at work to this blog and my healthy life. No more out to eat if I don't have to, exercising instead of sitting watching TV. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can I Do This?

Ok so I will recap you on my weight loss first. I did not lose any weight this past week. I am not surprised really. I lost more than usual the past two weeks so I was not shocked to of only maintained. (Hey it's better than gaining right?) I think 52 pounds is amazing! I am sure proud of myself. I will continue to work hard and try to fight this demon of mine called the weekend.

I do not know if it is just me or what, but I feel like I do pretty well during the week and then its out the window during the weekend. I guess the going out to eat and drinking can really take a toll on a diet and I am really truly starting to realize that. It isn't rocket science to know this but I guess I fully understand the consequences of it.

Ok I'm not saying I'm an alcoholic but I enjoy a nice glass of wine or a light beer every now and then. I am almost 24 years old. I'm not breaking any laws. I am a twenty-something year old female, I go out. I know this may come as a shock to some. Haha just kidding. But those few alcohol beverages can really affect your diet. According to Weight Watchers, a light beer is 4 points. May not seem like a lot but it adds up fast not to mention makes you feel bloated and retain a lot of water.

Going out to eat. I really do not know where to begin on this subject matter. If you put chips and dip in front of this big girls face, guess what. I will eat them. I try not to but they keep looking at me saying EAT ME!!! I will say this, look at the nutrition facts of your favorite restaurants. Most chain restaurants have all the info on their websites. When it comes to meals I usually stick with grilled chicken or tilapia with steamed veggies. I just feel like you cannot go wrong with that. (I'm not a diet expert so this is just my opinion) But right here, right now I make a pledge to you loyal readers... I will not eat the chips and dip when put in my face. (I mean it's not like you can just have one or two)

I've noticed a lot of my friends lately have been doubting themselves on various levels whether with their future plans after graduating, getting through school, finding a job or dieting. I talked to a friend the other day because they were having problems with their diet. As you know this will come up every now and then. You get into this comfortable routine and it's like I know I have many of times. I just have to get back into that CAN DO ATTITUDE. I mean we all have busy schedules. It sometimes is not an option in a day to fit in a work out or a healthy home cooked meal. We live in a world where it is always go go go. But you have to take the time and focus on your health/diet.

I too have weeks of frozen meals...some of those meals are good but they get old real fast. A lot of people have said "Well Kelly I cannot cook." YES YOU CAN! If there is anything I can do, I assure you that you can too. Cooking an easy/fast healthy meal is do-able. I mean, go to your local store, pick up your favorite veggies, a little seasoning of your choice, put a tbsp of olive oil in a skillet and TA-DA! Sauteed Veggies. Super easy! Buy a frozen bag of chicken and take a piece out to defrost then marinate it or season it. Throw it in the skillet. Instant meal.  I think anyone who has read my blog knows I live by this site. Her meals are 85% of the time fairly easy to make. Just look around and see what you like! There are a billion recipes on their website and it can be overwhelming but if you take a look and search things you like it can be easy. That's a given. Search easy, healthy recipes. I mean duh! Pinterest has everything you need in life. I just discovered this website. She has WW recipes. It's not too bad! Worth a look!

I have said this before but really the way to be able to juggle a diet and work or school is to plan plan plan! On sundays sit down and map out what you will eat that week (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks) then go to the store and buy those things. It will make your life a little easier. Now I know that life throws us curve balls and things come up but remember you CAN do this.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends

Well I have not posted in a while. I apologize. I was out of town the past two weekends and have had a lot of work but here I am for all my loyal readers out there!

Let's start by saying I am at 51 pound loss! Oh Em Gee! I am just tickled! So happy! I hit my first marker! It's a great feeling! I couldn't be happier right now. I just still catch myself thinking wow I'm actually doing this! I could not think of stopping now!

I for sure have a lot of people who have been wonderful influences on my weight loss. I've met people, who are dear friends, who have been in the same boat as me and lost weight and have been able to maintain it! My friend Landon has been wonderful because over a year ago on a beach trip we stayed up all night and he was telling me about his weight loss journey and inspired me to want to follow in his footsteps. I do not tell him enough/thank him for that conversation. It for sure left a lasting impression. Even now he totally understands how hard it can be and there is no such thing as a perfect dieter. Anything I was struggling with he just would reassure me that you have to keep pushing!  We all will cheat at some point. I was so happy to get to catch up with him and my fellow Clinton friends in Starkville! I never fail to have a good time with that bunch!
Me, Landon & Wyatt....hey guys....ME TOO!!! :)

So Labor Day weekend I got to go back to my alma mater, Mississippi State, and enjoy a wonderful weekend of friends and football! I cannot tell you how much I needed to be around my friends! A lot of them I had not seen in months! I got to stay with the lovely Lana. She's an amazing person and I feel like we've been friends forever when in reality we met my senior year of college. Lol! She was wonderful and kept me on track during the weekend! Our celery and hummus instead of the cheese fries....still giving myself a pat on the back for that one! Haha! I loved getting to see my old college roomie for the first time in forever! I literally loved every minute of my visit! I got to see my lovely sorority sisters. Oh my gawd I just can't even go there! Nothing makes me happier than that group of girls!
Me, Brittany, and Lana

I cannot describe how happy I get whenever I go back to my wonderful college. The people alone are just so wonderful. I truly could not see myself going anywhere else and proud to have gotten my degree from there.

Anywhere I went (last weekend and this weekend) I had people stopping me telling me how great I looked and they keep up with my blog! It makes me super happy when people say they really enjoy my blog and I am an inspiration to motivate them to a healthier lifestyle. That's so sweet but I never thought of myself in that way. I definitely blushed anytime I got a compliment. It was a great confidence boost and really keeping me on track! Thank you everyone!

This past weekend I went home because I needed to pick up my brother from the airport. He was returning to Memphis to pack up all his stuff because he is moving to Philadelphia, PA. I am happy for him and thats all I am going to say about that.

I was super stoked to see the two people who have stuck with me since high school, Sam and Kyle. Let me tell you about these two boys. They literally are the owners of my heart. I cannot imagine a world without them. We always have a good time together and truly care about each other. Not to mention they are both ridiculously intelligent and wonderful in their career paths. Sam is a very talented actor and one day you will see his name on a marquee on Broadway. Kyle is going excel in law school and change the world. You two honestly complete me.
Me, Kyle, and Sam

God has blessed me with an amazing group of friends. I can't tell you one that isn't going to do great things. My friends range from creative photographers, writers, hairstylist, models, future nurses, doctors, lawyers, & chefs,  working with NASA, making a difference in other countries, working in the sports world...I could honestly go on for days but I won't today :)

I genuinely cherish my friendships more than anything. They are my bonus family. I would drop everything and help them if I could or had to. They are constantly supporting me in my journey. Not one day goes by that one of them tells me how proud they are.

I am hoping to get another post in this week! Stay tuned!

Until next time,


Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Year of Me

Well I apologize for my Debbie Downer post last week. I want to clarify on a few things before I start my ramble...

DO NOT give up on your dreams! They will come true! I guess my wording was not the best... what I meant by "unrealistic expectations" was that I thought my moving to New York in a fabulous life was going to happen at the snap of my does not happen that way.A lot of factors go into living there such as a high enough income to be able to live. Maybe for some lucky people out there they can up and move but everyone I know who has moved to New York or any other big city has worked their butts off to get where they are.

That is what I am doing right now. Working super hard to reach my goals. I hope you are to! Whether it be getting A's in school, losing weight, or mastering a talent...whatever it is work hard and keep going.

So anyways I hope that covers the basis of what I said last week. Now onto the fun portion of this post!

I lost 2.2 pounds this week! Yay!  I am now at a total of 46.9 pounds! That is so exciting! I cannot wait to hit the big 5-0! I am really hoping that is this week! I started working out again. It was not easy but using my built in frustration made it better. I felt like my head was clear and anything that was bothering me was gone. I guess it is like therapy for me. Geez at this rate I will be a size 0 with a 6-pack (only kidding). Haha!

I had to sit back and really be proud of myself 46 pounds is huge! I mean I never thought I could do it. Ever. For someone who literally has tried every diet fad known to mankind I am glad to know that there is still hope for me out there. I am sure many of you have been in the exact same place as me. It's finally think this is it, I am going to lose weight...then you just have to have fast food and it's over. I am here to tell you it's NEVER over.

You must believe in yourself and truly want to do it for you. Not because someone told you to. I mean I was not really in the mindset to start a diet. I had been unhappy with my weight for quite some time. I knew I wanted to lose weight but one morning I was about to head home from babysitting and thought hmmm I will just stop by Weight Watchers and listen and see if this is a good fit for me.

Well it certainly was. That same day I joined a gym and here I am today. I will say my blog has been a huge blessing in this journey. I started it because I wanted to document the ups and downs so I could look back. Then I thought why not share it with others? I mean someone out there may enjoy my weekly rambles. I did not expect the huge outpour of support and love from family, friends, and strangers. It has made my weight loss so much easier. I know I have had some set backs a couple of weeks but I am still going. 50 pounds is only the start. I do not necessarily want to put an exact "weight goal" because I am a tall, big boned girl but until I can fit in the sizes I want and feel good when I look in the mirror I will reach my goal. I mean hell I am already down 4 pant sizes and no longer wear the plus sizes at certain stores. It is a wonderful feeling!

I started my diet February 27, 2012. I cannot wait to see where I am come February 27, 2013. I can only imagine great things. I am so ready to be comfortable in my own skin. I can feel it coming to surface little by little.

2012 has certain been a "Year of Me" I have changed my lifestyle and supported myself. I am able to financially do things on my own for the first time in my entire life. It's amazing! I can treat myself to nice things when I want to and give back to the people who have sacrificed and worked hard to give me everything I wanted.

I may not be the most religious person in the world (I do consider myself spiritual) but I know that God has a plan for everyone. Sometimes we do not see it or believe it but he does. I know that right now in my life...this is part of my life plan. I believe great things are starting and have started for me already. I know someone may be rolling their eyes or think I am full of it but trust me I was so lost this time last year. I had no goals, plans, or cared what happened. I was lazy and felt like things should come to me.

Once you get up on your feet and start living for yourself, things will come your way. Just remember that everyone is meant for greatness.

Until next time,


Thursday, August 23, 2012

With failure comes success

So I am happy to report that my monday weigh in I lost 3.5 pounds! PTL! I was super excited. To be honest I did not work out time. Gosh I need to step up my game.. it use to be so easy to workout every day. But you know being on a diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a full time job. I just need to find a balance between that and my other full time job which is work.

I was going to update earlier this week but I have been in the ultimate funk. I do not know why but I just keep getting really sad. I know my FB friends and twitter followers are tired of my teenage girl like angst.

I saw something today that I really really needed to see/read.

I know you are thinking why did this help you? I guess because sometimes I still do not think my life is where I am suppose to be. I honestly try so so hard to keep a huge smile on my face and say everything is fine because that is what is expected of me.....I think. 

Well let me tell you where I thought my life would be..... I would be in New York City living this wonderful Sex&The City Life. I would have this amazing PR job and paint the town, in the city that never sleeps, with my closest girlfriends.....

NEWSFLASH: Unrealistic Expectations get you no where. 

Let me just clarify something... I am in an awesome city. I have a very well paying job and work hard every day because I know that I'm building experience for my future. Just sometimes it is super hard to be in a new city without my amazing friends and family. Yes I realize I am 23 and should be able to handle the world on my own. But we all need comfort and support at times. I just feel like I've failed myself and I do not know who I am anymore.

I am trying the accept that I have my whole life ahead of me and I will reach my dreams one day. It could be a month from now or 10 years from now.... it will happen. I just can never give up. 

I even started feeling like I was failing at my diet because I hit another plateau. Then I realized there are few things I have control over and this is something I hold the key to. So now my life revolves around bettering myself. I am going to work super hard at my diet and work. I may stay home on the weekends and no fun plans but at least I will be healthy :)

Yes, I'm lonely but at least long days at the office and eating right/working out will fill in for right now.  

I have something to bring my spirits up... I get to visit my college friends labor day weekend! I am just thrilled! I know it will be just what the doctor ordered! Football, friends, and reliving my glory days in college.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post. I just really needed to do some venting. I am usually a very positive person so forgive me for this post. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spinach Turkey Meatballs

So I have grown up with my Italian mom always cooking the best italian food in the world (well in my opinion). Now they are not necessarily healthy by any means I mean the heavy cream, frying, and all kinds of yummy goodness can make you gain a few pounds... haha! But I remember making meatballs all the time with my mom whether for parties, holiday family dinners, or big events. I remember one time we cooked meatballs for 5 hours and made god only knows how many pounds! Anytime I cook with my mom is a blessing and super fun. We try to make it as fun as possible. Thanksgiving is always a real treat! So I decided to make my mom's famous meatballs into a healthier version!

I love using ground turkey instead of ground beef. It is so full of flavor and just absolutely delicious! You should definitely try it!

Spinach Turkey Meatballs
Serving Size: 6
WW +Points: 5 per serving (4 meatballs)
Nutrion Facts:
Calories: 182.4, Total Fat: 7.8g, Carbs: 10.1g, Fiber: 2.1g, Protein: 19.1g

1lb Ground Turkey 93% lean
1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs (Italian if you can find it)
1 Egg
3 Tbsp of Parmesan Cheese Shredded
1 Package of Frozen Spinach 
1 Tbsp of  Minced Garlic 
1 Tsp of Italian Seasoning
Salt & Pepper

-Preheat Oven to 405 degrees

-Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl

Roll into 24 balls and place on a cooking sheet 

-Cook them for 20 Minutes in the oven and I suggest flipping them halfway through to have them brown evenly on both sides.

I served my meatballs with some Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta and Heart Smart Prego Sauce. It was so delicious!

Happy Cooking and Let me know how you liked the meatballs!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Admitting my mistakes and my favorite diet foods!

Well I have been thinking about what to write about and didn't know what people would like to hear. Sometimes I feel like I repeat myself a lot. So.... I decided to admit my mistakes and put a list together of a few of my favorite things on my diet. I have always been a HUGE snacker....especially late at night. If there was a contest for biggest midnight snack eater...I would take the grand prize. It is probably why I gained so much weight over the  years. Being a night owl isn't a good thing. I would stay awake all night, watch something on Netflix, and eat. Luckily I have broken that habit because I have to be up early every morning for work.

I think the worst was when I would go out and get fast food late at night. I mean did I really need a chicken nugget extra value meal at midnight? NO! The funny thing about it was the fact I knew what I was doing and that it was wrong but I never thought of stopping. I also felt like I was the greatest sneaky eater. Sometimes I would sit in my car and eat fast food because I didn't want my family or family to know that I was eating so much food. That was definitely not a good way to live. I couldn't do it anymore. I just couldn't let the junk food consume my life. Plus I was not a happy person. I had the worst mood swings, I think it was from all the bad foods I was eating.

So to all you late night eaters, junk food junkies, and so on... that food may feel good to eat in the moment but it won't be there to pay your health bills when you need to go on diabetes medicine. When I started my diet I first and foremost did it for myself. No one told me I had to (well the doctor has before but thats not my point). I hit that breakthrough. I was not happy, my life was a mess and I needed to get control of something. My outlook happened to be dieting and blogging about it.

After getting control over my unhealthy habits it seemed that my life started falling in order. I moved to an awesome city and got a wonderful job. I am no longer living at home, sitting on my booty, and being miserable.

Don't let me fool you. I love being at home with my family but being 23 I couldn't live at home anymore. (NOTE: nothing wrong with people living at home. this is just me)  I needed to grow into the person I wanted to be.

So since dieting I have come to find wonderful alternatives

Instead of cake, ice cream, cupcakes, etc....
       -Try the Yoplait Light Dessert Yogurts (my favorite is the Red Velvet and Raspberry  
        Cheesecake..only 2 WW Points)
       -Smart One Ice Cream Sandwiches (2 WW Points)

Instead of chips and dip...
       -Ritz Crackers (4 WW Points)
       -Multi Grain Cheez-Its (3 WW Points)
       -Baby Carrots and Pomegranate Vinaigrette (3 WW Points)
       -Baked Chips...I love Pringles Reduced Fat (4 WW Points)
       -Veggie Sticks Chips (3 WW Points)
       -WW String Cheese (1 WW Point)

Instead of Delivery Pizza....
       -Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza (7 WW Points)
       -Smart One Pizza Minis (7 WW Points)

Instead of Fast Food Burger
       -Morning Star Veggie Burger, WW Cheese, Healthy Life Wheat Bread (6 WW Points)
       -Smart One Mini Cheeseburgers (5 WW Points)

These are just a few of the things I have enjoyed and made my dieting a little bit easier. While veggies and fruits are always your best call...sometimes you need other things and instead of crashing your diet you can do these things!

Also if you need a website for healthy recipes look no further than I feel like I make meals from this website a couple of times a week. Looking on the WW website can be a little overwhelming because there are just thousands and thousands of recipes. Skinny Taste is super easy to get around and find your dinner.

After religiously reading Skinny Taste I have learned how to take the not so good parts of meals and put healthier parts and make it sometimes even taste better!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and then weekend! I have lost 42 pounds, gone down 2 pant sizes and a shirt sizes! What an amazing feeling! I even got emotional in a dressing room because the clothes were too big. I did not think I would feel that way....ever. I am ready to keep going strong!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Wow what a monday it has been. Geez I feel like everything wrong could happen did...let's see how it started....

I was running a little behind this may not know but Nashville traffic is awful and I need every minute I could to get to work. So hoping I would get to work on time...what happens you ask? I got pulled over. I mean what did I not get a ticket for....speeding, brake light out, oh and my personal favorite not having a TN license...yes that's true! I mean I would love to know where I am suppose to find time working 8-5 mon-fri to go to a DMV. I guess I should play god somehow. The man was rude but whatever. It happened and now that's money down the drain.

Work is very busy right now and overwhelming. I cannot wait for things to slow down. I am enjoying it but I am just trying to get use to everything in my new role.

So my roommate and I are getting back into the swing of things as far as our diet goes. We made our calendar for the week with our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It is seriously the greatest thing ever and makes it so easy to stay on point. So we mark off when we eat on the list for the day. It was a great first day!

Well I had such a wonderful weekend at home...I got to spend some quality time with my family and friends.

I wasn't able to see my mommy on her birthday so I took a long weekend home to spend a lot of time with her. My favorite part was coming home wednesday night and mom had gotten us matching PJs! Ha yes you heard me correctly. I immediately put them on after freshening up before dinner. No matter how old I get I guess I am just always my mommy's little girl :)

Thursday was very relaxing and I went to dinner with my mom, stepdad, and two famiy friends! I had a wonderful time and delicious dinner at Ruth Chris's! So Yummy! Then after a yummy dinner, my long time bestie Sam came over and we just talked about anything we could think of over some red wine. I love seeing him!
Mommy and I before dinner. She is my rock.

My biggest supporters in my life. My mom and stepdad.

I was really looking forward to Friday! I was finally seeing my long lost memphis friends from high school and college!! Started the day off with massages with my mom! Gawd I need that real bad...I was so relaxed. Then I went to dinner with a group of my high school friends. It was wonderful to catch up with them and hangout with them. I missed them a lot and they are so amazing! After dinner and hanging out for a little while, I was honored to hangout with Miss Meredith and Mr Kevin! I always always always have a good time with those two and I never leave disappointed! We hit up a Memphis famous hot spot, Raidfords. A must go to if you ever visit Memphis or live there! 

My High School Buddies and I! (L-R: Me, Lindsay, Laurel, Emily & Louisa)

Meredith and Kevin! Love them!

Saturday was fun as mom and I had a spa day to get our hair done then hit up my favorite store, Sephora. I love make up so so much! I was going to go out but between my phone being dead all day and I got home to so many missed messages that I wanted one last night in with my family. I was super sad to leave Sunday. I had such a wonderful weekend it was hard to say bye to them. I tried not to cry but when I got in my car and Sugarland came on my Ipod I just lost it. In case you didn't know my mom's and I songs are "already gone" and "babygirl" 

So hopefully I can put this awful monday behind me and move forward to losing weight and feeling great. I won't let those tickets hold me back! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm back and better than ever!

Hello followers of my blog,

I apologize for being MIA the past couple of weeks. I was sick for two weeks (thanks allergies) and between going to work full time and trying to get better I was wore out. I went to bed at about 8:30 at night....

Anyways I am back and ready to update everyone on my life!

So I am at 40 pounds! Wow! That is awesome! I did not really work hard on my diet while I was sick but I've lost three pounds since my last post. It's still a loss and I am very happy with myself! I have to give myself a pat on the back.

What else? Oh I found this recipe for sour cream enchiladas on Pinterest. Now I know we all love Pinterest. It makes us believe we can cook, create, wear anything! I mean my future wedding will be the bomb since I've pretty much planned it on my wedding I need to find a boyfriend who can deal with me! :) So I wanted to make a skinny version of the yummy enchiladas....I substituted with fat free sour cream, fat free cheese, whole wheat/low carb tortillas, and fat free cream of chicken.

It turned out ok but it needs some work. So I will make it again and change a few things. It was just so rich and I was like there is no way this is healthy...but when I put it into my WW recipe builder and it came out to be 7 points for one. But trust me one was enough. I will make it sometime again and see if it turns out better.

Is there anything you see on Pinterest that you want made into a healthier dish? Comment with a link to the pin and I will try to take it on!

So my roommate and I had a big talk on Sunday. We were talking about dieting and how we did not do so well the past couple of weeks due to illness and how it should not have been an excuse. So we were making mental lists of things to do to be successful. I told him how I was most successful when I was organized and planned my meals out. I told him starting next Sunday we would start planning out our meals/snacks/grocery lists for the week ahead. Instead of sitting around wondering what to make.

Then we are going to put up a poster in our kitchen and mark off when we worked out to keep ourselves accountable. Eating healthy is one step but you need some type of physical activity. Whether it is going for a walk in your neighborhood, hitting up a Zumba class, or going to the gym. Any exercise is good exercise.

But in other wonderful news I get to go home this weekend and see my wonderful family/friends! I could not be more excited! I miss my mom so much! She is my rock and always so supportive. We hate being away from each other (even though we are only three hours apart) because we just always have a wonderful time together. She is a strong woman! I wrote about her a while back when I first started my blog! Here is the post!!! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!
Post Dedicated to my Mom!

I am still loving living here in nashville and having a career is so wonderful. However sometimes I do get a little sad...It is really hard not having many friends around me. I adore my roommate and Kara here! They are wonderful people but its so hard living in a city where you hardly know anyone.  And I don't really talk to many people at work. I know it is hard to believe but I can be super shy! Yes it is true. Loud Mouth Kelly is shy. When I am not use to something and not comfortable I am very to myself and quiet. I know it will get easier but I wish I had my girlfriends from high school and college here with me!

Looking forward to two more days of work then heading on the road home! So excited!

DONT FORGET TO COMMENT with a recipe from Pinterest you want to see made healthy!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From Nashville, With Love

Well I had yet another successful week! I lost 2.8 pounds! I am at 38.1! Woohoo! *pat myself on the back* I am so proud of myself.

I had such a great week last week! Kelly 2.0 was working out hardcore. I was so worn out between doing cardio and strength training I was a beast. Some days I did not want to work out. I wanted to go straight to my room and relax. I am glad I started packing a gym bag in my car so when I get to my apartment complex I go straight to the gym. Its very helpful! I like the gym here at my apartment because it is small, has what I need and usually there is no one in there when I am here. Sometimes there is the occasional cute boy...which only makes me work out harder. (Ladies do not act like you've never done this! haha)

So eating wise...I did very well. Even with the July 4th holiday. I have tried to cook as much as possible but sometimes I leave it to the microwave and Lean Cuisine. I had a bunch of coupons for Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones so I stocked up at the store.

Well onto the even better part of my blog....

I am super excited for this weekend! I have all my wonderful friends coming into town! Amber, Kyle and SAM!!!! Ahhhh!! I haven't seen Sam since December! I am too excited to show him Nashville! I love when Amber and Kyle come to visit because they are always a fun time! Never a dull moment! I can only imagine what this weekend will be like!

I have recently taken in the fact that I live in Nashville. It has not hit me yet...I've lived here for over a month but it hit me today. I love this city so much. I am always discovering new things and fun places to go. Everyone I meet has been so genuine and sweet.....polite as well. Memphians....take note :) I am also so blessed with a wonderful roommate! My roommate Zach. I like to call our friendship "A Convenient Coincidence." Time to explain what that means.....

Zach and I met one weekend I was visiting home from college sophomore year. We had numerous mutual friends. I mean from junior high-college. I am still shocked we did not meet sooner. We may have but just don't remember. Anyways after meeting him we instantly became friends even though we did not really start hanging out until my senior year of college. We realized we had a lot in common and a lot not in common. (i think that makes sense) Then after college I moved back home and Zach just moved back in with his parents. We were both living at home...away from our friends. So we had each other. We hung out every weekend talking about where we thought we would be in life, etc. He wanted to be in Seattle and I wanted to be in New York. We both love our families more than life itself. They are our world. But we were 23 living at home. We needed a change. He called me one fateful day that changed our lives....

In February, he wanted to move out of Memphis and I said how about Nashville? I had just come for NYE and had a wonderful time. After selling him on the different points one being we wouldnt be far away from our families. We picked a date to look at apartments.

Fast forward to today and look at us. We both have awesome jobs, getting healthy, and living the dream! Never a dull moment! Everyday is a new adventure. I could not imagine a better person to share this experience with. He is definitely the ying to my yang. We are so different, yet so alike at the same time. He is a wonderful friend and always supporting me. He even forces me to sit in my room and update my blog! I try to be supportive of him as well. He is an aspiring writer. A good writer at that. Now I may not be the best judge on the literary world but I think Zach has major potential. He let me read two chapters of one of his novels and I demanded the next two chapters because I enjoyed it so much.

Everyone watch out! Zach going to be the next big author! Just wait and see. I said it first here ladies and gents!

So Zach thank you for being a wonderful friend and roommate. Who would of thought we would be here right now! Love you and glad you liked your little present and here's a blog post for you!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

“ It doesn't matter how fast you go, as long as you do not stop ”

Well Ladies and Gents, I hit the 35 pound marker! I am very excited about this! I never really thought it was possible. I just didn't see the light and I am starting to see it peaking at me. In 19 weeks, I have completely changed my lifestyle. I do not eat junk food, cut back on sodas, and working out.

I know some people are saying wow in 19 weeks you've only lost 35 pounds? That's so slow. Well I sometimes think gosh I would love to of lost more but I think slow and steady is just as good as losing weight fast. I wanted to make long term lifestyle changes. Not just lose it fast and go back to the way I was eating and yo-yo diet for the rest of my life. Let's be real though....I will be dieting my whole life. I mean you have to maintain what you work off. No one said it was easy. It's probably one of the hardest things I've done. However I do not think I have been this happy in a long time.

I am finally happy in my own skin. I actually feel pretty. That takes a lot for me to say because I just never have felt this way. Since the age of 9 when I was dancing I was just never good enough body wise. I remember being told to lose weight at 9 before I started doing competitions. I never saw myself as fat, I mean I was a kid, but since then I have never seen myself as anything else. I was teased and tormented all through elementary/jr high and that was very hard to go through. Boys at my lower school were the worst and I still believe karma will come back to them one day. I was even teased by girls in high school. Comments were even made in college. I felt like it just was never going to end.

Well look at me now. I am in an awesome city with an amazing job, wonderful friends, and the best family a person could be blessed to have. I do not think my life could feel almost so perfect. I have to sit back and think something just isn't right.. I am too happy and things keep going so well for me. I know someone is rolling their eyes at me but seriously I do not think I have ever been in such a good place before.

So everyone....I am ready to hit the big 5-0! When I lose 50 pounds I am going to treat myself to some new Tory Burch shoes! Haha! I know right? Such a Kelly thing to say.

I do want to take the moment to thank everyone once again for all the encouraging words on facebook, twitter, email, or text messages. If I didn't have such a strong foundation of support I would not be where I am today. I was well on the road to diabetes, heart problems, and who knows what else. But now I am standing here healthy as can be. My family and friends tell me every day they are so proud of me and I love to see them making changes in their lives as well. I mean my Uncle and Aunt are both doing WW and I am so proud of them!

So in conclusion, if there is anything you want to accomplish whether its losing weight, getting that dream job, or moving to a new city. You CAN do it. I KNOW you can! If I can lose 35 pounds then the world is at your hands. I believe in you even if you don't!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! Enjoy your day off and relax. If you are outside make sure to drink lots of water! It's a hot summer!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The "30 Pound Slump"

So I know so many of y'all are disappointed in me. I rarely update my blog and not being successful on my diet like I should. (I did lose 2 pounds this past week!) When I started this blog I wanted to inspire others and put my ups and downs out there to show its never easy but with hardwork you can do it. So I am calling what happened to me the past couple of weeks as the "30 pound slump."

I call it this because I lost 30 pounds! Which is amazing! I was starting to feel happy in my own skin, getting compliments from friends/family members/strangers, and I also went down a size in pants and no longer where plus sizes at some stores! This was a huge deal for me. I honestly feel pretty and good about myself. ....So what happened? I stopped caring about Weight Watchers or working out.

Then something hit in my head this week...Kelly you are no where near your goal. Get off you lazy bum and work hard!  I was not motivated and no support around me. I realized you have to be accountable for your own actions.

I bid farewell to any negative thoughts and laziness. No more!!  I am Kelly 2.0! I feel like I did when I started! I'm ready for whatever comes next! I am ready to lose that next 30 and more!

So have you ever hit a plateau in your diet and your just flat lining? It is not easy! Just remember you may not be at the finish line yet, take your time and you will get there!

So onto the other fun update on my life!!

I went to Knoxville for the very first time this weekend. Now if you know me I have never been interested in going (Hello UT orange? Yuck!) But I really wanted to see where my very good friend Kyle went to school! I enjoyed seeing him in his own element and meeting his college buddies! We went up Saturday and went to the Knoxville Brewfest! It was so much fun! I kept thinking Knoxville is so much fun! I only wish I had visited sooner!
Knoxville Brewfest 2012! (Luc, Stephen, Kyle, Me, Andrew)

So I promise promise promise I will try to update more! It seems really hard because I work 8-5 every day then go workout and then get home to cook dinner and settle down for a minute or two! 

My roommate was actually getting on to me for not updating. Haha! So I am writing while watching So You Think You Can Dance. It's one of my favorite summer shows because I loved my dancing days and miss it all the time! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Been A Long Time Since You Came Around...

Yes I know....I have not updated in 2 weeks....ehhh I'm sorry to the people who have been following my blog. Let me recap the past 14 days....

Well I was not very happy with myself last week... I gained three pounds two weeks ago. I said that in my blogging my weight loss I was going to be completely honest. I was not going to sugarcoat anything. Yes I did gain. But let's look at 16 weeks it was my first time truly gaining. I cannot be hard on myself. I was all last week. I couldn't believe I just ate bad, didn't work out, and didn't track my week on my WW app. I know I should always be good on my diet but I guess I was getting comfortable in my own skin and starting to feel good about myself. I have still lost 30 pounds and that is amazing! It was not easy but I am ready to hit the big 50!
These two pictures were taken 6/8/2012! 30 pounds down!

My wonderful friends Kaitlin and Amber came into town last weekend. I was so glad to have them here! Zach, Kaitlin, and Amber are three of my very good friends from home. I went to high school with Kaitlin and Amber and Zach went to high school together. We had too much fun and that's probably why I gained three pounds. But whatever it was great to have them and need them to come back real soon!

Also... last Monday I started work! Wooohoo Kelly got a job! I love it so far! It is so nice to go to work 8am-5pm! I am on my way to being independent and happy. Well I am already pretty happy. I have great friends, wonderful family, and living in a new city. I am enjoying life so much. I ate very well last week however I did not work out. I guess because I was use to working out around 10 or 11. I was so tired when I would come home from work and once I got in the apartment I was not going anywhere. My lovely friend Lana gave me a really great idea. Pack a gym bag in my car and when I get back to my apartment go straight to the gym and not to my apartment. I am going to try it out tomorrow.

Tonight I went to Zumba. They offer classes a couple of days a week at my apartment complex! Pretty cool huh? Oh my lordy that was INTENSE! I was getting my booty kicked within 5 minutes. I couldn't believe the high intensity. I thought maybe I should start in a children's zumba class. Haha! I will feel the burn tomorrow when I wake up and can't move. Well I am glad to start my working out again. I have missed it.

I also haven't been cooking much. I need to get back on that with some recipes for you all to try. It has been a Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones days the past week.

Well I will update later this week. I just wanted to let you all know I have not forgotten about you all. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Live for Today, Learn from Yesterday, and Hope for Tomorrow

Well Ladies and Gents, I am almost to the 35 pound marker! I am so excited! I cannot believe I have stuck to this. It is definitely still a learning process and trails/errors. I had a very good week this past week. I ate very well and worked out. Let me tell you if you want an intense workout then have no fear download the Nike Training App. Oh my... what a workout. I am loving it though and alternate days between C25K and NTC.

Well I was kind of sad this past weekend. My family went to go visit my older brother and I did not get to go with them. I haven't seen my brother in a long long time because he is always traveling and moving around. (he's an actor) So after seeing pictures of the family I was a little bummed. I am such a family person. They are the most important thing in my life and will always be. I am definitely a momma's girl/she's my best friend. But I miss my brothers so so much. I have two wonderful brothers (one older, one younger).
Brothers at dinner the other night (Chris and Patrick)
Patrick posing with Chris and his castmates

Oh I found a new food that I am obsessed with at the moment. That is veggie burgers. I love burgers. Who doesn't really? Well I found a wonderful healthy alternative and that is Morning Star Veggie Burgers. The burger is only 3 WW points! Not too shabby if you ask me. I paired the burger with some WW cheese and Healthy Life bread. For 6 WW Points you can have a delicious Patty Melt. I paired it with some Reduced Fat Pringles (4 WW points per serving).  It can be a great healthy alternative for those summer cookouts and pool parties. And fourth July is just around the corner. Try it out! I love it! If you do not want to use toast then just get some healthy wheat buns.
10 WW points Meal- Patty Melt and Pringles

Sandwich- 6 WW points

I mean a little over three months ago I would have just eaten a double cheeseburger and large fries from McDonald's. But that is the old me. I am reinventing myself. I am only at the beginning of everything. I mean one can always work harder and I really am trying to. 

I thought about this the other day on ways to improve my weight loss. I am ready to quit smoking. I really am. Next week I will hopefully hit the 35 pound marker and I will toss that nasty habit out the window. And another thing, I really want to cut back/bring an end to my beer drinking days. Ok now let me explain, I do not drink beer every day...maybe once a week if I go out. But I feel like it is just not good for my diet. I mean one light beer is 4 WW points. I feel like it just makes me bloat and retain water, etc.  I need to stick to my water with lemon! 

Hopefully I will have some excited news to share with everyone by next week! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I cannot believe I have been in Nashville for a month now! It seems like we moved last week. I am still loving it more and more every day. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Your dreams come true when you act to turn them into realities."

Well I had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I had a great 4-day weekend with some great friends and new people! I think I did pretty well eating wise...but I am sure a few of those beers I had should have probably been avoided. I am not going to beat myself up over it. I am a 23 year old girl and love going out with my friends. I am starting to get a little sad because of very best friend Kyle is about to leave me. He will be going to law school and luckily not too far from me! It is nice to have him here with me so I will miss him a little bit. I have also enjoyed meeting all this friends that work with him. They are all very sweet people.
Kyle and I on Saturday Night

Julianna, Me, and Vann. Some of Kyle's work friends!

Well I shall move on now. I had a conversation with my roommate the other night about our dreams, goals, and ambitions in life. We both have huge dreams and like I said "it may not be tomorrow or 5 years from now, but one day our time will come." I totally believe that and I found this quote (the title of my blog post) and I felt that it's so true! I think sometimes we, I included, sit around and wait for things to happen. As nice as it would be for that to happen it doesn't. I know trying to find some amazing PR job isn't going to happen overnight. It is hard to swallow my pride and realize that but I do. I will keep sending my resume until they finally give me the job. I have this awesome characteristic that is "I don't give up until I get what I want." It is so true! I really don't. Tell me no once, I will try again. Tell me no five times, I will try again. 

Sometimes I realize that I could try a little bit harder every now and then whether it is working out harder, eating just a little better, or getting a job. I'm not perfect and I do not know anyone who is. We all have flaws and I know mine and not ashamed to admit them. I try to work on them as much as possible. I mean just look at the past 3 months of my life. I am down 29.8 pounds, cut out fast foods, cut back on sodas (about 2-3 a week), I work out, I am on my own, eating healthy, and growing up. I never in a million years thought I would be able to stick to a diet this long. I usually last about 2-3 weeks then I would cave in and run to Chick-Fil-A, McDonald's, or Zaxby's.

As I sit here looking like a tomato (that's what I get for laying by the pool with no sunscreen), I have a challenge for everyone, including myself, to write down your dreams on a piece of paper whatever they may be. Keep it with you and look at it once a week and think to yourself, have you done anything to get closer to achieving your goal? After a while if you say no, no, may just be like ok you know what I keep saying no and I am ready to say YES! Here's mine for you to see! 
Well I hope everyone has a great/short week! Enjoy your life because you have one chance! Everyone has a purpose on this earth and congratulations to the people who have found it and good luck to the rest of us as we find ours!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chicken Teriyaki over Onions and Mushrooms

Well I had such an amazing response yesterday. I couldn't believe it! I am so thankful! I made an awesome dinner tonight and I just couldn't wait to share it with everyone! I just kind of came up with it while I was at the store and ohhhh btw I have become addicted to coupons! I saved $27 at the store! (Bill went from $105 to $78) I found some WW coupons for Smart Ones! I discovered today that you can buy healthy on a budget. Obviously I am on one since I am jobless right now.  But anyways tips on that will be on the way. Here is a picture of my meal. I made parmesan zucchini and brown rice along with the meal! I probably should have taken better pictures but we were hungry and ready to eat!

Chicken Teriyaki w/Mushrooms and Onions
WW+= 8 Points
Serving: 2 
Fat: 3.2g, Carbs 26.5g, Fiber 1.3g, Protein 53.7

-4 thin boneless skinless chicken breast cutlets
-1/2 Cup of Lawry's Teriyaki Marinate
-1 Cup of Onion
-1 Cup Mushroom
-2 tbsp of Olive Oil

1. Marinate chicken in a bag with Lawry's Teriyaki for about 30 minutes and throw in a little salt and pepper for about 35 minutes
2. Saute Onions and Mushrooms with Olive Oil and Salt/Pepper, I thinly sliced both and cooked them together
3. Set aside onions and mushrooms
4. Grill Chicken in Skillet until cooked through 
5. Serve chicken over onions and mushrooms. If you would like you can slice the chicken before placing over veggie mix. 

This meal was so yummy! I found the zucchini recipe from Pinterest. (Click here for recipe.) and I used Uncle Ben's Brown Rice. One of those 90 second bags. 

Hope you like it! I know you will! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Now onto watching my guilty pleasure shows and spending some quality time with my roomie. 

Yours Truly,