Monday, August 4, 2014


Well here we are. I loved keeping a blog of my progress with losing weight and looking back at what I was going through and experiencing. I miss friends and family getting the enjoyment of reading and being so proud of what I was accomplishing. Blogging can be super stressful, it's hard not being able to donate the time you want to to it but I will be making a priority out of it now! 

A year ago my life completely changed. I won't go into detail but many people in my life know. I was so scared of what was going to happen next. I felt like I digressed back to what I was before I lived in Nashville. I took it very hard. It made me think I was letting so many people down. I seemed so happy but I wasn't. I was sad a lot. I took quite a bit of time to myself.

Of course during this time I fell back into old habits. I was eating so badly and being lazy. I didn't move from the couch. It was pathetic. I woke up one day and I didn't recognize the girl in the mirror. I gained all my weight back that I had lost and I just wanted to stay in my t-shirts and shorts. I didn't feel pretty and was so ashamed.

But besides all the negativity I was facing, I had ALOT of positivity in my life. I had an amazing support group in Nashville. I made some wonderful friends and honestly without them I would probably be back in Memphis. (Nothing wrong with that but I love Nashville so much as my new home!) These girls came into my life when I really needed people. When I first moved to Nashville I didn't know many people and so I had to completely start over to make new friends. These ladies are truly angels and just really have no idea the impact they made on my life! 

So here we are again. I am going back to the basics of my diet when I started February 27, 2012. I luckily have my blog to remind me of what helped me. So thats exactly what I am doing. Eating right, working on myself, and exercising. 

Being ridic at my bestie's wedding 2 weeks ago.