Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The "30 Pound Slump"

So I know so many of y'all are disappointed in me. I rarely update my blog and not being successful on my diet like I should. (I did lose 2 pounds this past week!) When I started this blog I wanted to inspire others and put my ups and downs out there to show its never easy but with hardwork you can do it. So I am calling what happened to me the past couple of weeks as the "30 pound slump."

I call it this because I lost 30 pounds! Which is amazing! I was starting to feel happy in my own skin, getting compliments from friends/family members/strangers, and I also went down a size in pants and no longer where plus sizes at some stores! This was a huge deal for me. I honestly feel pretty and good about myself. ....So what happened? I stopped caring about Weight Watchers or working out.

Then something hit in my head this week...Kelly you are no where near your goal. Get off you lazy bum and work hard!  I was not motivated and no support around me. I realized you have to be accountable for your own actions.

I bid farewell to any negative thoughts and laziness. No more!!  I am Kelly 2.0! I feel like I did when I started! I'm ready for whatever comes next! I am ready to lose that next 30 and more!

So have you ever hit a plateau in your diet and your just flat lining? It is not easy! Just remember you may not be at the finish line yet, take your time and you will get there!

So onto the other fun update on my life!!

I went to Knoxville for the very first time this weekend. Now if you know me I have never been interested in going (Hello UT orange? Yuck!) But I really wanted to see where my very good friend Kyle went to school! I enjoyed seeing him in his own element and meeting his college buddies! We went up Saturday and went to the Knoxville Brewfest! It was so much fun! I kept thinking Knoxville is so much fun! I only wish I had visited sooner!
Knoxville Brewfest 2012! (Luc, Stephen, Kyle, Me, Andrew)

So I promise promise promise I will try to update more! It seems really hard because I work 8-5 every day then go workout and then get home to cook dinner and settle down for a minute or two! 

My roommate was actually getting on to me for not updating. Haha! So I am writing while watching So You Think You Can Dance. It's one of my favorite summer shows because I loved my dancing days and miss it all the time! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Been A Long Time Since You Came Around...

Yes I know....I have not updated in 2 weeks....ehhh I'm sorry to the people who have been following my blog. Let me recap the past 14 days....

Well I was not very happy with myself last week... I gained three pounds two weeks ago. I said that in my blogging my weight loss I was going to be completely honest. I was not going to sugarcoat anything. Yes I did gain. But let's look at 16 weeks it was my first time truly gaining. I cannot be hard on myself. I was all last week. I couldn't believe I just ate bad, didn't work out, and didn't track my week on my WW app. I know I should always be good on my diet but I guess I was getting comfortable in my own skin and starting to feel good about myself. I have still lost 30 pounds and that is amazing! It was not easy but I am ready to hit the big 50!
These two pictures were taken 6/8/2012! 30 pounds down!

My wonderful friends Kaitlin and Amber came into town last weekend. I was so glad to have them here! Zach, Kaitlin, and Amber are three of my very good friends from home. I went to high school with Kaitlin and Amber and Zach went to high school together. We had too much fun and that's probably why I gained three pounds. But whatever it was great to have them and need them to come back real soon!

Also... last Monday I started work! Wooohoo Kelly got a job! I love it so far! It is so nice to go to work 8am-5pm! I am on my way to being independent and happy. Well I am already pretty happy. I have great friends, wonderful family, and living in a new city. I am enjoying life so much. I ate very well last week however I did not work out. I guess because I was use to working out around 10 or 11. I was so tired when I would come home from work and once I got in the apartment I was not going anywhere. My lovely friend Lana gave me a really great idea. Pack a gym bag in my car and when I get back to my apartment go straight to the gym and not to my apartment. I am going to try it out tomorrow.

Tonight I went to Zumba. They offer classes a couple of days a week at my apartment complex! Pretty cool huh? Oh my lordy that was INTENSE! I was getting my booty kicked within 5 minutes. I couldn't believe the high intensity. I thought maybe I should start in a children's zumba class. Haha! I will feel the burn tomorrow when I wake up and can't move. Well I am glad to start my working out again. I have missed it.

I also haven't been cooking much. I need to get back on that with some recipes for you all to try. It has been a Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones days the past week.

Well I will update later this week. I just wanted to let you all know I have not forgotten about you all. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Live for Today, Learn from Yesterday, and Hope for Tomorrow

Well Ladies and Gents, I am almost to the 35 pound marker! I am so excited! I cannot believe I have stuck to this. It is definitely still a learning process and trails/errors. I had a very good week this past week. I ate very well and worked out. Let me tell you if you want an intense workout then have no fear download the Nike Training App. Oh my... what a workout. I am loving it though and alternate days between C25K and NTC.

Well I was kind of sad this past weekend. My family went to go visit my older brother and I did not get to go with them. I haven't seen my brother in a long long time because he is always traveling and moving around. (he's an actor) So after seeing pictures of the family I was a little bummed. I am such a family person. They are the most important thing in my life and will always be. I am definitely a momma's girl/she's my best friend. But I miss my brothers so so much. I have two wonderful brothers (one older, one younger).
Brothers at dinner the other night (Chris and Patrick)
Patrick posing with Chris and his castmates

Oh I found a new food that I am obsessed with at the moment. That is veggie burgers. I love burgers. Who doesn't really? Well I found a wonderful healthy alternative and that is Morning Star Veggie Burgers. The burger is only 3 WW points! Not too shabby if you ask me. I paired the burger with some WW cheese and Healthy Life bread. For 6 WW Points you can have a delicious Patty Melt. I paired it with some Reduced Fat Pringles (4 WW points per serving).  It can be a great healthy alternative for those summer cookouts and pool parties. And fourth July is just around the corner. Try it out! I love it! If you do not want to use toast then just get some healthy wheat buns.
10 WW points Meal- Patty Melt and Pringles

Sandwich- 6 WW points

I mean a little over three months ago I would have just eaten a double cheeseburger and large fries from McDonald's. But that is the old me. I am reinventing myself. I am only at the beginning of everything. I mean one can always work harder and I really am trying to. 

I thought about this the other day on ways to improve my weight loss. I am ready to quit smoking. I really am. Next week I will hopefully hit the 35 pound marker and I will toss that nasty habit out the window. And another thing, I really want to cut back/bring an end to my beer drinking days. Ok now let me explain, I do not drink beer every day...maybe once a week if I go out. But I feel like it is just not good for my diet. I mean one light beer is 4 WW points. I feel like it just makes me bloat and retain water, etc.  I need to stick to my water with lemon! 

Hopefully I will have some excited news to share with everyone by next week! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I cannot believe I have been in Nashville for a month now! It seems like we moved last week. I am still loving it more and more every day.