Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Been A Long Time Since You Came Around...

Yes I know....I have not updated in 2 weeks....ehhh I'm sorry to the people who have been following my blog. Let me recap the past 14 days....

Well I was not very happy with myself last week... I gained three pounds two weeks ago. I said that in my blogging my weight loss I was going to be completely honest. I was not going to sugarcoat anything. Yes I did gain. But let's look at 16 weeks it was my first time truly gaining. I cannot be hard on myself. I was all last week. I couldn't believe I just ate bad, didn't work out, and didn't track my week on my WW app. I know I should always be good on my diet but I guess I was getting comfortable in my own skin and starting to feel good about myself. I have still lost 30 pounds and that is amazing! It was not easy but I am ready to hit the big 50!
These two pictures were taken 6/8/2012! 30 pounds down!

My wonderful friends Kaitlin and Amber came into town last weekend. I was so glad to have them here! Zach, Kaitlin, and Amber are three of my very good friends from home. I went to high school with Kaitlin and Amber and Zach went to high school together. We had too much fun and that's probably why I gained three pounds. But whatever it was great to have them and need them to come back real soon!

Also... last Monday I started work! Wooohoo Kelly got a job! I love it so far! It is so nice to go to work 8am-5pm! I am on my way to being independent and happy. Well I am already pretty happy. I have great friends, wonderful family, and living in a new city. I am enjoying life so much. I ate very well last week however I did not work out. I guess because I was use to working out around 10 or 11. I was so tired when I would come home from work and once I got in the apartment I was not going anywhere. My lovely friend Lana gave me a really great idea. Pack a gym bag in my car and when I get back to my apartment go straight to the gym and not to my apartment. I am going to try it out tomorrow.

Tonight I went to Zumba. They offer classes a couple of days a week at my apartment complex! Pretty cool huh? Oh my lordy that was INTENSE! I was getting my booty kicked within 5 minutes. I couldn't believe the high intensity. I thought maybe I should start in a children's zumba class. Haha! I will feel the burn tomorrow when I wake up and can't move. Well I am glad to start my working out again. I have missed it.

I also haven't been cooking much. I need to get back on that with some recipes for you all to try. It has been a Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones days the past week.

Well I will update later this week. I just wanted to let you all know I have not forgotten about you all. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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