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I think it all started when I went to college I gained so much weight....beyond the normal "Freshman 15." I guess my not working out, eating nothing but fast food, and drinking entirely too much beer caught up with me. 

I graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Communication(concentration in Public Relations). I enjoyed every minute of my time at MSU between making new friends, enjoying sorority life, and of course school. I loved my major and definitely had the best professors anyone could ask for. I had it made in college. I was so happy and carefree I forgot to take care of myself.

I would lie if I didn't say I would try to diet here and there but nothing ever stuck. Then after graduating I moved back home with my family since I had no job or idea of what I wanted out of life. I was so lost and confused that I ate my feelings...a lot. 

One day I looked in the mirror then pictures tagged by friends on FB and I thought..wow I cannot live like this anymore. I have got to make some changes. I have always been on the bigger side since I can remember. I was teased in middle school by the boys and just never felt good about myself. I finally in February 2012 thought I cannot be the "fat girl" anymore. I want to be the "healthy/happy girl" I was so ready to make changes in my life because I had a one way ticket to diabetes and heart problems. 

Now I have packed my bags and moved to Nashville to start my life after college. This blog is kind of like a diary for me to express the ups and downs of what is happening thus far between dieting and trying to find my passion and follow my dreams of working in the PR field. I never in a million years thought I would live in Nashville but I completely love it.

With the support of friends, family, and people reading my blog, I am finding my inner skinny girl and bringing her to the outside surface! I have always said that before I die (which hopefully is a long time from now) I want to change someone's life. My goal for this blog is that. I want to affect and change the way people who are just like me think. I know how hard it is to walk the walk when its easier to talk the talk. 

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