Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't You Worry, Don't You Worry Child

Well I lost two pounds! Yay! Praise the Lord! Finally! I was about to start thinking I was never going to lose weight again. LOL I know that is totally dramatic but after a lot of soul searching and figuring out what I need to do to get back on track.

I think I did a lot better because I made sure to check my portions and not guesstimate on what I think was correct portions. I kind of changed my eating habits such as a low-carb dinner and cereal for breakfast. Just little things you know. But with working super long hours this past week (and this week) I am glad I can still manage eating healthy.

I've also decided to change up my usual workout routine. I heard from many people that if you continue to do the same routine that it won't be effective. I mean I go to the gym and it's like a chicken with its head cut off. I am absolutely clueless. Haha. I get on the treadmill and elliptical one day and then some weight lifting the next day.

So I am going to run, zumba, pilates, and weight training. I loved Zumba class so I look forward to doing that at my apartment on Thursdays. (They offer a fun class in the clubhouse! How fun!)

Other than dieting and such, life is going pretty well for me. Two of my good friends, Amber and Lana came into town for the weekend and it was full of fun and shopping! I really enjoyed the shopping part! Then sunday I saw Willie & Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty! That was so so cool! I love that show so much because it really does remind me of my family in a way (we aren't really rednecks lol).

My mom called me today to let me know she will be passing through Nashville in two weeks and I am too excited. Anytime I can see my mom and stepdad is a good time to me. I love them so much. I just truly love my family. I am blessed with an amazing one. Everyone is so supportive of me and everything I am doing and it makes me so happy.

I just want to let anyone who is struggling with a diet. DO NOT give up! Once you start losing a lot it becomes harder to lose weight. I will say the middle of a diet is harder than the beginning. So if you can make it through this middle stretch like I am experiencing then you can do anything!

Willie & Korie! They said hello to me!

Haha Lana and I giving a peace to the camera!

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