Monday, November 26, 2012

Give Thanks!

Hello everyone!

Yes it has been 20 days since I last posted. I am truly sorry! Preparing for Thanksgiving and so many other things have been going on in my life. Since I vowed to be honest in this blog I will continue to do so....

I was truly down in the dumps for a little over a week. I mean this diet or any diet is a struggle from day one but this was the biggest struggle of mine to date. I just do not understand how can I plateau  at 50 pounds? I felt like I was on such a roll and then it stopped. I tried different things to eat and such and no change. I mean what gives? I just would cry stepping on the scale and not see anything. I was ready to quit and give up. I wanted to delete my blog and everything. I did not see how I could be a good example for people if I am not producing an outcome.

I took plenty of time to reflect on what I wanted and what was keeping me from reaching my goals. I realized my attitude/mood have not been the best. I felt stressed and sad a lot. I have been living in Nashville for about 6 months now and not having my core group of friends or a group of friends at all is super hard. My FB friends can vouch that I complain about my friend situation all the time. I mean I do not have anyone I can call up. I think I thought friends would come to me and I'm learning that is not the case at all. I've decided instead of moping around about it I need to take action. I've joined the alumnae chapter of my sorority and I am too excited to start getting involved. I know being surrounded by my sisters will be a wonderful thing. I can always count on my sorority sisters.

I also realized that getting use to being on a diet we get comfortable. I was not counting my portions like I should. I assumed. But as I've learned in life...never assume anything.

I could go on and on about things I have done wrong but that is not why we are here. We are here to be positive.

After thanksgiving, I was reminded of how truly wonderful my life is. I am so thankful for a wonderful family who loves me unconditionally every day. They are my biggest supporters. I discussed with my mom my struggles with my diet and she put a lot into perspective for me. I don't think I could love anyone more than my mommy. Seriously she's my best friend and I'm not ashamed of it. She helped me realize that this is only the beginning of my diet and I will continue to have success. I cannot be perfect all the time, which I try to be sometimes. She brought me back down to earth and saved me from insanity. I was about to delete all of this and then after talking with my mom I just need to get back up.

I feel like I post the same thing over and over again. I apologize. I am trying guys. Really trying.


  1. Kelly you have so much to be proud of. Negativity can creep into our thoughts. I promise to be a better example too. AS an Aunt I can share my experiences but I must follow them as well. You are an inspiration to this old gal. NEVER GIVE UP!! Make yourself a dream board and hang it where you can see it everyday. Put the things that matter to you most and will make you smile everyday!!! I went so far one time while on a diet to write the number of lbs I wanted to weigh at the end of the monthon the back of my wrist. I put it on my left wrist (since I am left handed.) I saw it all day long. I was amazed at the end of the month to see my numbers. It had worked. I have read that if you keep a gratitude journal for 21 days and write 3 things each night in your journal that you are grateful for by the end of 21 days your mindset will be in a positive direction!! Hang in there! Love you so much!!! Keep posting. There might be someone out there you are reaching that you may never know!!

    1. Thank you Aunt Virginia! I really appreciate the kind words. I am so blessed to have such a supportive family :) I am definitely thinking about making a dream board! I think that is a great idea!

  2. Don't worry.. Be Happy. Fill a balloon with all things that you are unhappy about and let it go soaring into the air.
    Take time each day to make someone else happy.
    Say at least two Hail Mary's before you brush your teeth.
    Get a morning coffee and pay for the person next in line.
    Donate old clothing or outdated appliances to the Goodwill.
    If this doesn't find you over the moon with joy and bliss.. nothing else will. Remember, Chad Michaels dragged on the stage for your sins... so there is nothing to be worried about... Winter , Spring , Summer or Fall.... all you got to do is call... I'm thankful for the delicious Thanksgiving meal you made for the family. The onion souffle was incredible. Weight can come and go..but family is 4-ever! Love you Kelly... uncle mike