Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A little bit goes along way

I am down 54 pounds! I am just tickled to death! I cannot believe it! I am so glad that after a couple of setbacks the past few weeks I am here and losing! Sometimes I think how can I workout and eat healthy but not lose? Sometimes this happens but I just make sure to track and eat right! Look at these two is before and the other is now....I'm sure you can figure that one out on your own! LOL!

I thought I would throw another post out this week. I've been doing super well so far! I've worked out and stocked the fridge with goodies (all healthy of course!).

I get a periodical emails from weight watchers and contain some wonderful articles. I feel like there is someone sitting at their corporate office and knows what I am feeling because the articles say what I'm feeling. I read one called "Maintaining Your Fitness Momentum"

Let's be real....working out can be a pain. We do not enjoy it at the time but do feel better about ourselves afterwards. I know there are days after work I just want to come home but I have my gym clothes packed in my car and stop at the gym before heading into my apartment.

The first thing that was pointed out was one of the first setbacks a person can come across is lack of confidence. We try to do too much too fast. I can contest to that. I think I should be able to run a marathon but for someone with a very small background of exercise I know that being at an advance level right away is about as likely as me becoming a victoria secret model. Not going to happen.

You have to slow your way into working out. If you want to be a runner then start with the couch to 5k program. I am a huge supporter of this! It really helps! I also suggest the Nike Training Club app! It's awesome for so many different work outs at different levels! The article said that you have to change up your workout routine sometimes to stay on the ball. Changing your workout can be fun and beneficial!

So we can all do this together! Set some goals and get going! Don't start with a hardcore 7-day workout but maybe a couple of days a week just to get the ball rolling! Once you get the ball running anything is possible!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Make sure to stay on track I know the weekend is hard!

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  1. You look fantastic! So inspiring! I started Couch to 5K as well and it's a really nice transition to working out (and I'm NOT a fan of working out). :) Thanks for the updates!