Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My First 5K!

Hello readers! Hope you are doing well! I have been a little busy since I seem to be going out of town every weekend.

I have some wonderful news! I ran/walked my first 5k! I was not completely prepared but there was no way I could pass up this 5k! It was called "Teal for a Cure" and raised money for the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation. Everyone knows that anything I can do to fight Ovarian Cancer I will. It is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Luckily I am able to say my mom survived but I know others are not as lucky. I cannot imagine a day without her.

My friends put together a little team in honor of my mom and named ourselves "The Princess Debs" (my mom thinks she's a princess so that is the meaning behind her name). It was great to have such supportive friends! We had so much fun even if it was 8am on a Saturday morning! My friend Sam even came in second place in his division. So proud!

Doing the 5k was a lot harder than I thought. I know now what to expect. I am definitely going to train harder now and work my way up! I know I can do it! I just have to get my butt to the gym!

The releasing of doves at the end of the race in memory of those who fought ovarian cancer. A very touching moment.

The Princess Debs Team (l-r Me, Sam, Amber and Kyle)

Sam getting his prize for winning 2nd place!

Loved seeing my wonderful mommy at the finish line.

Well I hate the fact I am getting sick right now.I always get sick when the weather changes. It could not come at a worse time. I have hit yet another slump. I cannot do this anymore. I am tired of it. I get so frustrated at myself for many reasons. I know people read my blog and I want to be someone who succeeds for you all. I get discourage when I don't and I apologize to those who have followed my journey for a while now. I know it is not easy to stay on track and how can I tell you all to if I am not doing the same? It makes me feel like a fraud. But so many of y'all are much stronger than me. 

Right here, right now. I pledge to blog more, exercise more, eat better. This blog is my way of kicking myself into the right lane when I start falling behind. I hope not to lose any readers! I am trying my hardest. 

After I get over this illness (hopefully after the weekend I will be a-okay!) I am devoting my time that is not spent at work to this blog and my healthy life. No more out to eat if I don't have to, exercising instead of sitting watching TV. 

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