Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Year of Me

Well I apologize for my Debbie Downer post last week. I want to clarify on a few things before I start my ramble...

DO NOT give up on your dreams! They will come true! I guess my wording was not the best... what I meant by "unrealistic expectations" was that I thought my moving to New York in a fabulous life was going to happen at the snap of my does not happen that way.A lot of factors go into living there such as a high enough income to be able to live. Maybe for some lucky people out there they can up and move but everyone I know who has moved to New York or any other big city has worked their butts off to get where they are.

That is what I am doing right now. Working super hard to reach my goals. I hope you are to! Whether it be getting A's in school, losing weight, or mastering a talent...whatever it is work hard and keep going.

So anyways I hope that covers the basis of what I said last week. Now onto the fun portion of this post!

I lost 2.2 pounds this week! Yay!  I am now at a total of 46.9 pounds! That is so exciting! I cannot wait to hit the big 5-0! I am really hoping that is this week! I started working out again. It was not easy but using my built in frustration made it better. I felt like my head was clear and anything that was bothering me was gone. I guess it is like therapy for me. Geez at this rate I will be a size 0 with a 6-pack (only kidding). Haha!

I had to sit back and really be proud of myself 46 pounds is huge! I mean I never thought I could do it. Ever. For someone who literally has tried every diet fad known to mankind I am glad to know that there is still hope for me out there. I am sure many of you have been in the exact same place as me. It's finally think this is it, I am going to lose weight...then you just have to have fast food and it's over. I am here to tell you it's NEVER over.

You must believe in yourself and truly want to do it for you. Not because someone told you to. I mean I was not really in the mindset to start a diet. I had been unhappy with my weight for quite some time. I knew I wanted to lose weight but one morning I was about to head home from babysitting and thought hmmm I will just stop by Weight Watchers and listen and see if this is a good fit for me.

Well it certainly was. That same day I joined a gym and here I am today. I will say my blog has been a huge blessing in this journey. I started it because I wanted to document the ups and downs so I could look back. Then I thought why not share it with others? I mean someone out there may enjoy my weekly rambles. I did not expect the huge outpour of support and love from family, friends, and strangers. It has made my weight loss so much easier. I know I have had some set backs a couple of weeks but I am still going. 50 pounds is only the start. I do not necessarily want to put an exact "weight goal" because I am a tall, big boned girl but until I can fit in the sizes I want and feel good when I look in the mirror I will reach my goal. I mean hell I am already down 4 pant sizes and no longer wear the plus sizes at certain stores. It is a wonderful feeling!

I started my diet February 27, 2012. I cannot wait to see where I am come February 27, 2013. I can only imagine great things. I am so ready to be comfortable in my own skin. I can feel it coming to surface little by little.

2012 has certain been a "Year of Me" I have changed my lifestyle and supported myself. I am able to financially do things on my own for the first time in my entire life. It's amazing! I can treat myself to nice things when I want to and give back to the people who have sacrificed and worked hard to give me everything I wanted.

I may not be the most religious person in the world (I do consider myself spiritual) but I know that God has a plan for everyone. Sometimes we do not see it or believe it but he does. I know that right now in my life...this is part of my life plan. I believe great things are starting and have started for me already. I know someone may be rolling their eyes or think I am full of it but trust me I was so lost this time last year. I had no goals, plans, or cared what happened. I was lazy and felt like things should come to me.

Once you get up on your feet and start living for yourself, things will come your way. Just remember that everyone is meant for greatness.

Until next time,


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