Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From Nashville, With Love

Well I had yet another successful week! I lost 2.8 pounds! I am at 38.1! Woohoo! *pat myself on the back* I am so proud of myself.

I had such a great week last week! Kelly 2.0 was working out hardcore. I was so worn out between doing cardio and strength training I was a beast. Some days I did not want to work out. I wanted to go straight to my room and relax. I am glad I started packing a gym bag in my car so when I get to my apartment complex I go straight to the gym. Its very helpful! I like the gym here at my apartment because it is small, has what I need and usually there is no one in there when I am here. Sometimes there is the occasional cute boy...which only makes me work out harder. (Ladies do not act like you've never done this! haha)

So eating wise...I did very well. Even with the July 4th holiday. I have tried to cook as much as possible but sometimes I leave it to the microwave and Lean Cuisine. I had a bunch of coupons for Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones so I stocked up at the store.

Well onto the even better part of my blog....

I am super excited for this weekend! I have all my wonderful friends coming into town! Amber, Kyle and SAM!!!! Ahhhh!! I haven't seen Sam since December! I am too excited to show him Nashville! I love when Amber and Kyle come to visit because they are always a fun time! Never a dull moment! I can only imagine what this weekend will be like!

I have recently taken in the fact that I live in Nashville. It has not hit me yet...I've lived here for over a month but it hit me today. I love this city so much. I am always discovering new things and fun places to go. Everyone I meet has been so genuine and sweet.....polite as well. Memphians....take note :) I am also so blessed with a wonderful roommate! My roommate Zach. I like to call our friendship "A Convenient Coincidence." Time to explain what that means.....

Zach and I met one weekend I was visiting home from college sophomore year. We had numerous mutual friends. I mean from junior high-college. I am still shocked we did not meet sooner. We may have but just don't remember. Anyways after meeting him we instantly became friends even though we did not really start hanging out until my senior year of college. We realized we had a lot in common and a lot not in common. (i think that makes sense) Then after college I moved back home and Zach just moved back in with his parents. We were both living at home...away from our friends. So we had each other. We hung out every weekend talking about where we thought we would be in life, etc. He wanted to be in Seattle and I wanted to be in New York. We both love our families more than life itself. They are our world. But we were 23 living at home. We needed a change. He called me one fateful day that changed our lives....

In February, he wanted to move out of Memphis and I said how about Nashville? I had just come for NYE and had a wonderful time. After selling him on the different points one being we wouldnt be far away from our families. We picked a date to look at apartments.

Fast forward to today and look at us. We both have awesome jobs, getting healthy, and living the dream! Never a dull moment! Everyday is a new adventure. I could not imagine a better person to share this experience with. He is definitely the ying to my yang. We are so different, yet so alike at the same time. He is a wonderful friend and always supporting me. He even forces me to sit in my room and update my blog! I try to be supportive of him as well. He is an aspiring writer. A good writer at that. Now I may not be the best judge on the literary world but I think Zach has major potential. He let me read two chapters of one of his novels and I demanded the next two chapters because I enjoyed it so much.

Everyone watch out! Zach going to be the next big author! Just wait and see. I said it first here ladies and gents!

So Zach thank you for being a wonderful friend and roommate. Who would of thought we would be here right now! Love you and glad you liked your little present and here's a blog post for you!!!


  1. Kelly so excited for you and your weight loss! I know you are feeling fabulous!! What a wonderful time in your life with new adventures work and home. Miss you dearly! Hugs and love!