Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm back and better than ever!

Hello followers of my blog,

I apologize for being MIA the past couple of weeks. I was sick for two weeks (thanks allergies) and between going to work full time and trying to get better I was wore out. I went to bed at about 8:30 at night....

Anyways I am back and ready to update everyone on my life!

So I am at 40 pounds! Wow! That is awesome! I did not really work hard on my diet while I was sick but I've lost three pounds since my last post. It's still a loss and I am very happy with myself! I have to give myself a pat on the back.

What else? Oh I found this recipe for sour cream enchiladas on Pinterest. Now I know we all love Pinterest. It makes us believe we can cook, create, wear anything! I mean my future wedding will be the bomb since I've pretty much planned it on my wedding I need to find a boyfriend who can deal with me! :) So I wanted to make a skinny version of the yummy enchiladas....I substituted with fat free sour cream, fat free cheese, whole wheat/low carb tortillas, and fat free cream of chicken.

It turned out ok but it needs some work. So I will make it again and change a few things. It was just so rich and I was like there is no way this is healthy...but when I put it into my WW recipe builder and it came out to be 7 points for one. But trust me one was enough. I will make it sometime again and see if it turns out better.

Is there anything you see on Pinterest that you want made into a healthier dish? Comment with a link to the pin and I will try to take it on!

So my roommate and I had a big talk on Sunday. We were talking about dieting and how we did not do so well the past couple of weeks due to illness and how it should not have been an excuse. So we were making mental lists of things to do to be successful. I told him how I was most successful when I was organized and planned my meals out. I told him starting next Sunday we would start planning out our meals/snacks/grocery lists for the week ahead. Instead of sitting around wondering what to make.

Then we are going to put up a poster in our kitchen and mark off when we worked out to keep ourselves accountable. Eating healthy is one step but you need some type of physical activity. Whether it is going for a walk in your neighborhood, hitting up a Zumba class, or going to the gym. Any exercise is good exercise.

But in other wonderful news I get to go home this weekend and see my wonderful family/friends! I could not be more excited! I miss my mom so much! She is my rock and always so supportive. We hate being away from each other (even though we are only three hours apart) because we just always have a wonderful time together. She is a strong woman! I wrote about her a while back when I first started my blog! Here is the post!!! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!
Post Dedicated to my Mom!

I am still loving living here in nashville and having a career is so wonderful. However sometimes I do get a little sad...It is really hard not having many friends around me. I adore my roommate and Kara here! They are wonderful people but its so hard living in a city where you hardly know anyone.  And I don't really talk to many people at work. I know it is hard to believe but I can be super shy! Yes it is true. Loud Mouth Kelly is shy. When I am not use to something and not comfortable I am very to myself and quiet. I know it will get easier but I wish I had my girlfriends from high school and college here with me!

Looking forward to two more days of work then heading on the road home! So excited!

DONT FORGET TO COMMENT with a recipe from Pinterest you want to see made healthy!!


  1. Congrats on everything you are doing- you continue to be my inspiration! Since you clearly love Pinterest as much as me, you may have seen this link floating around... it's a meal planning/ shopping list builder that I'm going to try to help me stay focused on cooking at a home. Thought it might help with your meal planning too. :) Keep your posts coming!

    1. Thank you so much Lauren for the kind words! It means a lot to me when I hear someone say that! I am glad you are liking my blog! I am definitely going to try and do better about updating!!! Stay tuned!!!! I will for sure try out this meal planning website!!!