Monday, March 19, 2012

Tips to stay fit while on vacation- Week 4

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Well as many of you know I recently went out of town for the weekend! I had the best time. I got to see so many of my friends that I missed. I will post some pictures of the weekend! But I have to admit that I was not very good on my diet this weekend. I don't blame anyone but myself. I guess it is harder to diet when everyone around you is not. Not that they have to but just it is hard to stick to your ways of eating when no one else does. I ate fast food, had a soda, and drank alcohol. (But let me tell you I felt so sick after the fast food and soda.) I felt guilty and just plain wrong. Once I got home I realized that I can't eat like that anymore. It's not who I am. I've changed so much over three weeks, I felt as if I took two steps forward and three steps back.... which is why when I weighed in today I gained .6 pounds. Granted that is hardly anything to beat myself up over but I could have done a lot better...

So I started thinking after talking with some of my friends who are currently doing WW as well, I came up with a few tips to remember while you are vacationing or a little weekend away. Don't worry I will be keeping these tips in mind for myself!

1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER (this is very important to remember especially if you are going to be drinking)

2. TRY TO FIND THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES ON THE MENU (they are there you just have to look for them)

3. TRY TO STAY ON YOUR NORMAL EATING ROUTINE. (don't think because you are on vacation you can pig out)

4. LOW CAL BEVERAGES (If you are 21 or older and you want to enjoy that happy hour, look for low-cal drinks)

5. PACK HEALTHY SNACKS (for your trip pack some pre-made healthy snacks for yourself so you don't have to order that side of fries while laying by the pool)

6. KEEP MODERATION IN MIND (when you are out to eat usually the portions are bigger than the normal size, keep in mind restaurant food is usually high in fat and calories compared to what you would make at home)

7. DONT BEAT YOURSELF UP (sometimes we get into the mind set "oh my god I shouldn't have eaten that." Well news flash we aren't perfect! So if you eat that piece of cake, it's ok! Just work harder next time)

**These are just a few tips I have come up with. Mostly I did it for myself, but if it helps someone out! Congrats!**

My Sweet Friends! (L-R Me, Kayla, Landon, Bailey, Wyatt(he got cut off a little bit))

Olivia was an amazing host to Walker and I! Love y'all!

My favorite Ridgeland Girls! Lana and Kaylin! (Walker photobomb)

Well tonight my mom and I made a wonderful post-St. Patrick's Day dinner. It was corned beef and cabbage soup. We found the recipe on and boy did it turn out good. My mom and I are truly having a ball cooking all this wonderful healthy food. At the grocery store today we kind of gave ourselves a pat on the back for getting all this healthy stuff instead of the junk food we did get in the past.

Well that is all I have right now. I am going to bed after I post this so I can go running in the morning using my C25K app! I love it so far! I am enjoying working out so much! 

I am trying to get everything ready for my move to Nashville in May. I am busy trying to look for a job in Nashville as well as find a job in Memphis to make a little bit of money for my move. It's very hectic. I am at a stand still right now. Tomorrow I am going to plan out trips to Nashville to look for places to live, jobs in Nashville, then look for a little temporary job here in Memphis. 

Wish me luck!!

Until next time,


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