Thursday, March 8, 2012


Wow I did not think my blog would be doing so well in such a short amount of time! I have had over 250 views since yesterday! May not be a lot but is to me!

I have received so many encouraging words from friends, family, and my lovely sorority sisters! I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy!

So exciting news! My mom joined Curves with me! I was so excited! I am truly proud of her! And glad to have her there with me as a support system. Everyone has to love them some Princess Deb.
Me and Mommy (July 2010)..gawd my hair was so blonde! haha!

Well mom and I are about to go workout again! So pumped!

I am not going to lie yesterday was a hard day to stay focused on my diet. I was pinteresting and kept seeing all this delicious and not so healthy food being pinned by others and it seemed every commercial on TV was for fast food, pizza, and all those other not so health yet tasty things. I just wanted to jump in my car and drive to the nearest fast food like I always did. Then I remembered look how far I've come in a matter of a week and half. If I did that I would be taking two steps back. And ladies when you're PMSing all you want is greasy food and chocolate galore!

I had to give myself a pat on the back. I fought the urge and settled for some peach yogurt and string cheese and I drank a lot of water.

So ladies and gents,
If you ever feel the need/urge to fall off the wagon and eat that unhealthy stuff remember how good you are doing/can do. Instead of eating that candy get some yogurt or instead of eating chips switch it up for some veggie chips (so good!) There are many healthy alternatives to our favorite foods!

You can have 38 straws for 3 points on WW!

2 points on WW!

If I'm not mistaken you can have 25 chips for 4 points on WW

I am cooking for the family tonight. I want to make a healthy meal and show them how tasty it is to eat healthy! I hope they enjoy! I will let you all know how it goes. 

Also a little random throw in for the day. My big brother, Chris, is in Montana touring with a children's theater company. He has been there since January 3rd. He leaves from there in May and will return to Hershey,PA for a summer show at Hershey Theme-park.   I hate being so far away from my brother! We use to not get along then toward the end of high school we started to. Haha. I am ready for him to go back to Hershey,PA (yes, where they make all that yummy Hershey chocolate) so I can visit him!!
Chris and I after his show "Wild Country" at Hershey Park (Summer 2011)

He also performed at Hershey Park during Christmas 2011!


  1. hey! so glad to see your on your way to healthier you! When I see all the delicious goodies being pinned I always challenge myself to look at it and try to recreate it with health ingredients. The WORST thing you can ever do is deprive yourself of what you really want. If you ever see something and are stuck on what ingredients to use just send it my way and I'll see what I can do to help you out!

  2. oh yeah and I tag everything with the weight watchers points value so I don't have to calculate it every time I eat it and don't just guess. It makes snacking way easy and counting less of a pain. Sharpie seems to work on everything. One of my favorite desserts was to take some crunchy granola and put it in a bowl with frozen berries and microwave it till warm and the granola soaks up the juices! So so yummy!

  3. Thanks Liz!!! That's a great idea! I will def try that and if not I will ask you what to do!! :) Luckily I keep my phone near me at all times and have the WW apps on it!! So I save all the stuff with how many points stuff is or I scan them on my phone with one of the WW apps and it tells me how many points for a serving! Amazing!!

    I will def have to try the crunchy granola! Sounds so yummy!!