Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"

Well I cannot believe this new chapter I am about to embark on! It's crazy I never thought about living in Nashville. I mean I liked Nashville but never thought of it as somewhere I would want to live. Now look at me! I am a Nashville junkie! I love everything about it! (Don't worry though my next stop will be NYC!) I am very content with a couple of years in Nashville.

Well I am starting week 12 of my diet and I have lost 24.2 pounds! So awesome! I cannot believe it! I feel a lot better but I just don't see any changes yet. People tell me they can but I guess since I look at myself in the mirror 24/7 I don't see anything. Here's a picture of before I started my diet and a picture of me now.

Well I am sad to say that I am canceling my curves fitness this week. One of the reasons is that I simply cannot budget it into my expenses just yet with moving and having to pay for necessities. I feel as though curves was very expensive and to be honest I just was not getting anything out of it lately. It was a great program to start off with but I need to be pushed harder and I didn't feel that was happening at curves....and to top it all off the "trainers" at the curves I was going to always had fast food in their office visible from the stretching room. It was very helpful starting me off. I would not have been able to handle a real gym. But now I am! I am ready to be pushed to the max!

So hopefully I will find a routine I like in the gym at my apartment and luckily the people we have met in our complex are very healthy and active! They even have Zumba classes three times a week in the clubhouse!

Also, you may notice that the majority of my blog entries are quotes. Well I found this quote and I firmly believe in it. It got me thinking about my weight-loss journey and how in order to continue losing I must always treat each week like it is my first week. You know the first week of diets are always the best because you are so pumped! You must keep that up and stay enthusiastic!

I shall be posting tomorrow with a recipe from my dinner tonight! It was so yummy! Stay on the lookout!

Oh last week I treated myself to a little gift..why because I am proud of that 21 pounds I lost! I said I would buy something TORY BURCH and I got these two phone cases!! Love them!!

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  1. kelly! i am so addicted to zumba! it is the most fun workout you'll ever do!