Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Living Out of A Suitcase

Well I'm sorry I have not been posting very much lately. I have literally been living out of suitcase the past month. Wether it is to visit friends in Jackson, MS or going to Nashville for apartment and job hunting. I feel like I am on a roller coaster right now. I am just so ready to be settled in Nashville with a job and relax a little bit...

I was very happy this week when I went to weigh in at WW. I lost 2.4 pounds bringing me to a grand total of 16.8!!! I am very pleased with myself. I have been working very hard but I am only beginning though.

So I haven't been very motivated lately. I think just the constant traveling keeps me off schedule and I don't like it. Every Sunday I plan out my meals for the week down to what snacks I will have. I enjoy planning and being organized. I haven't been able to do that lately and it is killing me! I need to regroup and stay focused. I want to go back to how I was the first two weeks. I did so well!

I am ready to get back to hard work because I just feel like I don't see anything different when I look in the mirror. What are some good ways to stay motivated? Any tips? Let me know!

Well there is my rant. Hope it was somewhat entertaining.

Let's see what else is going on... ohh I finally got some new tennis shoes! Very excited! My Nike Shox were killing me when I was jogging or even walking for that matter. I got a pair of Asics. They worked the best for me! I got a really cute neon pink and green pair. I where them all the time now.

I have been doing my Couch to 5k and still loving it. What a great run it is. Starting the week 3 tomorrow! I enjoy jogging and walking. Last week I walked and jogged 4.47 miles in one day!! Half of it was from the C25K and the other half was a nice walk and little jog with my friend Walker in his neighborhood.

Well the job search continues for Nashville. I am going to look online for some and I went the other day for an interview for a part time job. I was lucky enough  to have Walker join me on the 24 hour trip to Nashville. But....If I got the job I would take it because a job is a job...however I would need to get about 3 more jobs just to get by. I am really hoping to find a full time job. I got a rejection email the other day from a PR firm in Nashville for a summer internship. I was kind of bummed but I got to keep going.

I am super excited that my friend Kyle lives in Nashville and I get to see him each time I visit. Kyle is such a great friend to me, always keeping me entertained. We will actually be living in the same city for a short time until he moves back home for law school. I am just so dang proud of him. He is truly amazing and so smart! We have been friends since high school and met during Model UN/Youth Leg. Oh the memories of your phone ringing Kyle... He told me some of his friends have been reading my blog actually. (Hope this is a good one!) Here is a throwback picture of us two. (don't be mad haha)
Summer 2008 with Kyle

Well I cannot think of anything else to write. I am hoping to make a delicious dinner tomorrow!! I hope it turns out well!!!

Peace and Blessings,



  1. Kelly congrats on your success. Weight loss is hard but steady is the best way. I always find when i get hungry (when i am really good on my diet) if I have a glass of warm green tea it helps with the cravings, gives me energy and it raises your matabilism. Keep us posted on the job hunt and new place. Stay positive and have faith. Love ya!

    1. Thank you Aunt Virginia! I will def use your tips!! I will keep you posted!!!