Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keep my eye on the prize

Well I lost 2.4 pounds! Which brings me to a grand total of 19 pounds! I am so happy with myself! I know that I have a lot more hardwork ahead of me but I truly believe I have the dedication for it!

My life seems to be so crazy right now. I have been traveling a lot and still trying to figure out my move to Nashville. Hopefully it will be May 5th but who knows right now. May is a super crazy month. My little brother's graduation and mom/stepdad traveling a lot. Figuring out a moving date is just crazy. AND on top of it all I am still on the hunt for a job in Nashville. Ahhhh until I move in and settled I will be ok... until then I will be stressed. 

One good thing is that the stress and thoughts make me work out harder! 

So this past weekend I went back down to god's country, Starkville, MS, I had a wonderful time! I got to see all my wonderful and loving friends! It was a jammed packed weekend! I loved running into people and hearing them tell me they have been keeping up with my blog! It's good to know someone is reading it out there.

But anyways I was super excited to see my friend Mary Allison! She has been busting her butt on Weight Watchers. I mean she is such an inspiration to me! I am amazed by her. I have seen pictures of her on her journey and was glad to see her hard work in person! and WOW she looked wonderful! She has been great! Whenever I feel down and not working as hard as I should, she brings me up and gets me back on track! I definitely love her for helping me!
Mary Allison and I! She has lost over 35 pounds! Amazing!

I feel like after seeing everyone and having a busy weekend, I was so ready to come home and work out! I think I am addicted to working out. Which is not a bad thing. I just really enjoy it. I went to curves tonight and I usually go early in the morning or afternoon. So it was zumba night. I was a little overwhelmed at first but had a lot of fun! I felt like a total goober though! haha! 

Oh I made an amazeballs dinner tonight! I made stir-fry chicken and skinny fried rice!! SO yummy! I highly enjoyed the meal! I used the recipe from skinnytaste.com (click here for recipe) but substituted edamame with squash and zucchini. So yummy! It was a total of 10 points for this meal and I highly enjoyed it! 

Well I guess I should sign out for now. I have to get up early in the morning and head to Nashville with my mommy! We are going for the night. I am super excited.

Once again I want to thank everyone for their support. You all keep me motivated and my eyes on the prize. I couldn't do it without you! 


  1. So excited Kelly!! 19 lbs!! THat is fantastic!! I know you can do this!! You look beautiful! You and your Mom have safe travels. I will be in Memphis on Thur. for work! I guess I will miss you two!!! Hugs!

    1. We are coming back thursday. Just going for the night. We'd love to see you!

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