Monday, February 4, 2013

What motivates you?

Well we are officially a little over a month into the new year. Is everyone sticking to their declarations or resolutions so far? Thus far, I have lost 8.2 pounds in January! Pretty good if I say so myself. After the holidays I had gained a few pounds so I finally passed the mark I couldn't seem to pass. I know the first month is pretty easy because you are super motivated. I know I was and kept losing weight. The moment my weight loss slowed down, I felt like I would slack a little bit such as not working out as hard as I could. Losing your motivation can be easy but then again your motivation SHOULD push to go a little further.

So what motivates you? What helped you decide to make this change in your life?

Let's see for me my motivation was to gain confidence in myself and to live a happy healthy life. I think  for a long time I let the negativity of my past hold me back. I always worried what people thought of me and I just wanted everyone to like me. From grade school to college, heck even now. I like to be well liked and try my best to keep that going. I have also struggled with many issues and I learned that holding them on my shoulders is only making itself worse. I would deal with illnesses or death in my family by turning to food. I knew that life was an up and down battle of good times and bad times and I knew that life would throw me curveballs but I couldn't turn to laziness and food to make myself feel better. I knew if I start losing weight I would be on the road to being confident in myself.

I am now 63 pounds down and I am so happy with where my life is going. I completely got rid of all the negativity that was holding me back and starting a new life. I am growing up into the person I know I was suppose to be!

So I hope you think about the things that may be holding you back and completely get rid of them. Write them down then throw it in the trash! Or the things that are motivating you continue to drive your success.

Anyways I wanted to show you the past two weeks of my instagramed pictures! I have breakfast, lunch  & dinner covered! Make sure to follow me on Instagram: Kmccollum124 and if you make a healthy meal or want to share your success use the hashtag #kellysjourney I would love to see what you guys are doing!

Top Left: Grilled Chicken Salad w/Skinnytaste Blue Cheese Dressing
Top Right: Pork Chops w/Shallots & Mushrooms, Spinach, & Risotto
Bottom Left: WW Spicy Curry Chicken, Carrots & Yellow Rice
Bottom Right: Steak, Spinach & Asparagus 

Top Left: Whole Wheat Waffles w/Strawberries
Top Right: Chicken soup, Cheez-Its, Turkey Sandwich
Bottom Left: Leftover Teriyaki Chicken, Risotto & Green Beans
Bottom Right: Bella Monica Gluten Free Pizza (8pp) Very YUMMY!!

Anything you would like to see me make for you guys? Let me know! and Check out my instagram!!

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